Morphe – nova generation search

Why search Morfeem?

• we are familiar with the specifics of the Czech language
• Do not need to ask complicated questions for the relevant result
• we search on more than 27 million pages
• integrate fulltext with the catalog and provide you with more information
• We search in PDF documents
• as the only ones in the Czech Republic we look for pictures

Keep your search engine at your fingertips and set Morfeo as the starting page.
Works with the Czech language
Morfeo umi perfectly Czech. The search engine employs the following capabilities:
Word bending – ie skew and timing, use of uniform and multiples and colloquial shapes. It will always find it more, faster and more relevant.
Example: If you want to buy a bicycle, just enter a bicycle and look for a combination of “bicycles”, “bicycles”, “bicycles”, etc.
Morpheus Check – Alert for mistakes and grammatical errors in your queries. You’ll find what you’ve been looking for.
E.g. if you are looking for Ferrari and enter Ferari by mistake, your search engine will advise you on the error and offer you a new search with the correct query.
Synonyms – now we can search not only for the word, but also for its synonyms.
Example: If you search for a word car, you can also search for the word car, vuz, kara, autak. If all synonyms are meaningless for you, you can choose to limit them in the table shown.

Simple and intuitive query input
The new Morfeo Vam technology offers you an interface for extensive search. Do not need to know the syntax of advanced questions! But if you want to use them later, you can find them here.

Integrate fulltext with catalog and business databases
The data obtained through the automatic browsing of the Czech Internet are integrated with manually cataloged data – we combine the excellent technology with hand-crafted work of the specially crafted administrator and offer you a much more relevant result. Another advantage is to display the label from the catalog at the search exit. You will get a better idea of ​​the content of the pages found.